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AIN 031-23, RE-TRANSMITTAL OF JMC SAFETY OF USE MESSAGE (SOUM) 23-001 (This Is A Technical SOUM. Shipping And Handling Instructions For Cartridge, 81MM, Red Phosphorus (RP) Smoke, M819 (DODAC 1315-C870) NSN 1315-01-199-8688, NSN 1315-01-353-7620, NSN 1315-01-578-7965, and NSN 1315-01-600-7840.

AIN 001-24 Allowable Number Of Rounds (ANOR) With Double Hearing Protection And Additional-Updated Warnings For 81MM M252 Series Mortar Operator Manuals 

AIN 035-23 Cartridge,81MM, HE, M821A4 With Fuze Multi-Option M734A1 (DODAC 1315-CA66), NSN 1315-01-672-9780 

AIN 036-23, Cartridge, 60MM FRPC, M769 (1310-BA15), Cartridge, 81MM FRPC, M879, M879A1 (1315-C875), And Cartridge, 120MM FRPC, M931 (1315-CA09) Recovery Operations by Mortar Crews Not Authorized

AIN 030-23, Cartridge 81MM, HE(IM), M821A3 W/Fuze Multi-Option M734A1 (DODAC 1315-CA61), NSN 1315-01-602-6954 And Cartridge, 81MM, HE(IM), M889A4 W/Fuze PD, M783 (DODAC 1315-CA63), NSN 1315-01-602-6914 NEW

AIN 013-23, Information For New Cartridge, 81MM PRACTICE, M879A1 (NSN 1315-01-537-7915, DODAC 1315-C875)

AIN 019-24 Possible Early Functions with M783 Pd Fuzed Mortar Cartridges-DODICS BA45 - CA43 - CA44 - BA14 - BA17 - CA63

AIN 014-24, Authorization to Fire Various 60mm and 81mm Mortar Cartridges Using Older Mortar Ballistic Computers 


Cheese Charge video, see what happens when you do not follow the Warnings 

JMC SOUM 19-002, Explosive Exudation in Mortar Cartridges with Composition B HE Fill


81mm Mortar Inspection Criteria

Target Practice (short range) Mortar Rounds and Refurbishment Kits inspection