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Dec 04 ,2023

SAE STD-0016

 Good day all, 

After looking through the SD-26 the SAE-STD-0016 DMSMS Management plan is called out a few times. When trying to find the SAE-STD-0016, all we can come up with is a pay site to view and download it. (sae.org included) Is this available for download within DAU for viewing. The link within the tools/documents area takes you to the sae.org site and ask for purchase. 

Very Respectully,

Grant Korte
Content Author… August 29, 2022 - 04:18pm

Hello Grant - The SAE-STD-0016 is a commercial product - therfore it costs money to obtain and is not available for viewing or sharing with through a government site.  There are any number of sites that will sell you access to the standard and I cannot recommend one over the other.  You should check with your organization to see if they already have purchased a product to provide access, or whether there is funding available to purchase the standard.

Feel Free to contact me with questrions [email protected] ​


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