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Dec 06 ,2023



​All DCMA administered contracts have been modified to incorporate DFARS 252.245-7004 deviation which requires the use of the GFP Module Plant Clearance Capability in GFP Module in PIEE to report excess property in lieu of PCARSS. Beginning on 15 August 2022, all property reported into PCARSS as excess to DCMA administered contracts will be rejected. Users will be notified upon rejection and provided instructions for submission to the GFP Module. All DCMA administered schedules entered into PCARSS prior to 15 August 2022 will be accepted and worked to completion within PCARSS. Schedules accepted into PCARSS prior to 15 August 2022 should not be duplicated within the GFP Module.  

If your contract is not administer by DCMA or is adminstered by DCMA, but has not been modified, please notify the appropriate contracting personnel (GPA, ACO) to modify the contract to incorporate the class deviation. 

Content Author… August 4, 2022 - 10:01am

Thanks for the info!


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