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Defense Acquisition Magazine November-December 2022


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Defense Acquisition Magazine November-December 2022 cover

ISSN 2637-5060        
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Aa fountain pen tip writing Letter from the Editor

people typing on computers Life Cycle Sustainment Plan:       
A New Outline for Product Support Planning and Execution       
Christopher J. Lowman     
The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment details if, how, and when program managers need to conform their plans to the new format, the first major update in five years. 

two people shaking handsContracting for Success        
John M. Tenaglia        

The Principal Director for Pricing and Contracting in the Office of the Under Secretary discusses generalized requirements solicitations and other streamlined contracting methods. 

a hand holding puzzle piecesSolving Hard Problems Is Multifaceted        
And We’re Missing Some Important Pieces        
CAPT Tim Hill, USN (Ret.) and Diana Teel        

Rapid fielding and true game-changing capability deliveries remain exceptions. And DoD’s evaluation process is flawed on bringing in nontraditional defense market participants. 

people in a control centerCybersecurity Zero Trust—The Time is Now        
Tim Denman        

Though no panacea, great promise is offered by designing systems with Zero Trust principles using a systematic and comprehensive approach to cybersecurity. 

a scientist looking through a microscopePrioritize Medical S&T Investments And Fulfill Capability Gaps        
Mark Dertzbaugh, Ph.D.        

The Army’s medical research program faces challenges from budgetary constraints and a reorientation to conform with broader defense priorities. 

coins stacked in front of a chartAccounting Shape Shifters—        
The Nature and (Mis-) Behavior of Costs        
Gabrielle G. McClure-Nelson, DBA        

Reimbursement of contractor costs can prove to be a problematic exercise, depending upon how the costs are labeled. 

a hand on a laptopRecognition Where Due        
Tips for Writing Nominations That Will Win Awards        
Bill Kobren        

An experienced nomination writer offers observations and lessons learned to help award nominees and those who write their nomination packages. 

MDAP/MAIS Program Manager Changes 

Other News:

Conferences and Meetings        
Current conferences and meetings of interest to Defense Acquisition readers. Links provided to registration and additional information. 

Acquisition Excellence        
The latest awards and recognition received for work well done. 

What's New at DAU        
Deployment of new credentials, available workshops, webinars, and other new learning opportunities. 

Research, Technology, and Innovation        
Learn about recent innovation, initiatives, and achievements. 

Leadership & Policy        
New policy initiatives and recently appointed or nominated DoD policy leaders. 

Career Development Opportunities        
Information on DoD and Service-related programs that can benefit careers in the Defense Acquisition workforce. 

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New Email Address for the Magazine.        
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Defense Acquisition is a bimonthly magazine published by DAU Press for senior military personnel, civilians, defense contractors, and defense industry professionals in program management and acquisition, technology and logistics workforce.