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Upcoming No Cost Virtual Learning Opportunities from our Higher Education Partners! No Cost Virtual Learning Opportunities from our Higher Education Partners!2021-01-05T17:00:00Z banner 2.png, banner 2.png banner 2.png<div class="ExternalClass0EFFA02ED64540528226CC71C1175EC9"><h5 style="text-align:center;"><strong>DAU's Strategic Partners are offering free e-learning opportunities and resources to the workforce! The list below is updated as information is received, so check back often for updates.</strong></h5> <address style="text-align:center;">If you are a partner school and wish to be included on this list, contact us at <a class="ak-cke-href" href=""></a></address> <address style="text-align:center;"> <address> <address> </address> </address> <hr /></address> <address><img alt="" src="/partnerships/PublishingImages/APU_Stacked_NoSlogan.jpg" style="float:left;width:200px;height:83px;margin:3px 4px;border-width:0px;border-style:solid;" /><strong>(New!) Lunch-And-Learn: Maximize your Transfer Credit at American Public University</strong><br> APU offers 200+ programs. Find the one that aligns with your unique professional development goals whether you work in contracting, information technology, cybersecurity, logistics, or other DoD career fields. Many of our undergraduate and master’s-level degrees and certificates are taught by highly credentialed experts with government agency leadership experience.<br> <br> Mark your calendar to join University representatives as we discuss the APU and DAU partnership and the opportunity to transfer DAU coursework toward University degrees and certificates. We’ll be happy to answer your questions too.</address> <address style="text-align:center;"><strong>Date:</strong> January 26<sup>th</sup>, 2021<br> <strong>Time: </strong>Noon (EST)<br> Please <a href="">register today</a> and Zoom information will be provided. We look forward to seeing you.</address> <address style="text-align:center;"> <hr /></address> <hr /></div>string;#/partnerships/blog/Upcoming-No-Cost-Virtual-Learning-Opportunities-from-our-Higher-Education-Partners!
Strategic Thinking: A Key Skill Managers Should Acquire Thinking: A Key Skill Managers Should Acquire2020-10-13T12:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClassF5C0787A42B6408D9D003C23152E97CE"><a href="">Strategic thinking</a> takes many forms and highlights one’s intellectual prowess in many ways. Strategic thinkers realize that making a decision is not about themselves. There will be challenges and setbacks in business decisions, and it takes a collective perspective to reach a holistic determination. For example, strategic thinkers rarely make unilateral decisions, but rather utilize expertise from diverse backgrounds and perspectives.<br> <br> Asking employees and other managers for their perspectives means being open to valuable viewpoints from multiple sources. Most managers will agree that the easy path is to make unilateral decisions, given one’s position and seniority. But a better tactic for making long-lasting strategic decisions leverage one’s abilities, skillset, education and interpersonal skills to reach an organizational goal.<br> <br> Strategic thinkers use all the tools in their toolbox to gain buy-in from others in the organization. Gaining buy-in means using both logic and emotion, as well as not being timid about thinking outside the box. They constantly question the implications of both new ideas and older, more familiar ideas. Strategic thinkers, unlike tactical thinkers, are forward-thinking and consider the impact of business decisions not just for the here and now, but also for future generations.<br> <br> Management leaders seek advance degrees in order to gain additional knowledge and skills that can optimize organizational effectiveness and drive positive business results. To support this need, our university offers a quality management degree program entirely online. <br> Whether you're interested in the precision of transportation and logistics logic discipline, sport sciences, human resource management, entrepreneurship, or executive leadership - <a href="">American Military University's management online degrees</a> are designed to empower you with traditional and innovative management competencies.<br></div>string;#/partnerships/blog/Strategic-Thinking-A-Key-Skill-Managers-Should-Acquire
20% Tuition Grant for DoD Acquisition Workforce Members at Bellevue University Tuition Grant for DoD Acquisition Workforce Members at Bellevue University2020-08-05T16:00:00Z text.jpg, text.jpg text.jpg<div class="ExternalClass6812D9E2357244B5A6DF8C98233E179A">Bellevue University offers a 20 percent tuition grant for all workforce members and a generous credit transfer of DAU coursework to our university, meeting – and in some cases exceeding – ACE credit recommendations for your coursework. For example: <ul> <li>At an undergraduate level, your DAU coursework can mean up to 60 credit hours already fulfilled towards a degree such as a <strong><em><u>Bachelor’s in Supply Chain and Logistics Management.</u></em></strong></li> <li>Workforce members with their Level II or Level III DAWIA Certification in Contracting start with 1/4 of their <a href=""><strong><em>Master's Degree in Acquisition and Contract Management</em></strong></a> or the <a href=""><strong><em>MBA with a concentration in Acquisition and Contract Management</em></strong></a> completed.</li> <li>Members who have successfully completed PMT 360 can apply 6 credit hours toward their <strong><em><u>Master’s degree in Project Management</u></em></strong>.</li> </ul> <br> The Leader in Online Learning<br> Bellevue University has been a leader in distance learning for more than 30 years and was the first to offer an online MBA and entire bachelor’s degrees online. That experience means the university understands the needs and challenges of students studying remotely.<br> Bellevue University is unique in its creation of an entire college, the College of Design and Development, where its specific unit of instructional designers’ sole role is to bring to life the latest techniques and technologies for distance learning.<br> They collaborate with faculty to ensure content is engaging and teachers are on top of their brief when it comes to the Active Learning that the university is known for – learning experiences that students can apply to advance their career and role immediately.<br> During the past 30 years, the university has taught nearly 50,000 students online – all of whom have had access to a wide range of student services mirroring, and even surpassing, those for campus-based students. These include: <ul> <li>An Online Writing Center</li> <li>Online Tutoring Services</li> <li>24/7 Library Access to Over 500,000 Resources</li> </ul> <h4><strong>Your path to advancement starts </strong><em><u>here</u></em><strong>.</strong></h4></div>string;#/partnerships/blog/20-Tuition-Grant-for-DoD-Acquisition-Workforce-Members-at-Bellevue-University
Excelsior College gives credit where credit’s due. College gives credit where credit’s due.2020-07-21T16:00:00Z,<div class="ExternalClassBEA46FDCADD0453483C407A36AA6CFE1">Be awarded up to 15 credits for your Defense Acquisition University training toward a 30-credit Master of Public Administration. Excelsior College’s newly redesigned Master of Public Administration (MPA) helps you reach your educational and career goals faster. With your DAU courses, you may be halfway to completing your MPA. In as little as one year, you could complete your master’s degree with Excelsior College.<br> Are you a Federal Government employee looking to transfer training credits you’ve completed for college credits? As a federal employee you may be eligible to transfer those training credits to Excelsior College through our partnership. <a href="">Learn</a> more about how training classes have been evaluated for college credit through our partnership. Another great advantage Excelsior College offer is the ability to take UExcel exams and test out of areas that you might already have experience in rather than sitting for an 8-week class. <a href="">Learn</a> more about how testing exam options work through disciplined self-study guides and materials!<br> <br> Through the educational partnership Excelsior College has with <a href="">DAU</a> there are many advantages to going back to school. Not only will you save on tuition and fees, as well as enjoy a generous transfer credit policy that includes credit for workplace and military training, prior learning assessment, and credits earned from other colleges and universities, you will achieve personal growth. Putting your educational needs on the forefront of your goals could really help in this journey we call life! It’s not always easy to see the worth in what could be accomplished by going back to school but listening to other views and standpoints can be extremely helpful.<br> <br> If you have any questions or want further clarification on the partnership and how you can get started please reach out to:<br> <br> Stephanie Cietek<br> Partnership Manager<br> 518-859-3471<br> <a class="ak-cke-href" href=""></a></div>string;#/partnerships/blog/Excelsior-College-gives-credit-where-credits-due

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