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Rapid Deployment Training

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The DAU Rapid Deployment Training (RDT) initiative was established in 2003 to more rapidly train the Defense Acquisition Workforce in new initiatives and policy changes. RDT includes quick notification and training to the acquisition workforce by posting new policy training materials online within hours after policy release and sending DAU training briefs to the DoD field organizations.

Below links take you to the most recent RDT releases.

Asset ID Topic Released Comments
RRQM 001 JCIDS Changes 30 Oct 2021 Presentation reflecting changes to the JCIDS Manual Released 30 Oct 2021.
RRQM 002 JCIDS Primer 30 Oct 2021 Tutorial on the JCIDS Manual
RRQM 003 IT Box Primer 30 Oct 2021 Presentation with detailed information on the applicability and documents related to the IT Box in the JCIDS Manual Released 30 Oct 2021.
RPMT 006 DoDD 5000.01 28 July 2022 DoDD 5000.01 released Sept 9, 2020 is a complete revision and restructuring of the previous DoDD 5000.01 (May 2003 w/chg 2, Aug 2018). This briefing provides highlights of Change 1 to the instruction.
RPMT 008 DoDI 5000.60 5 Aug 2022 DoDI 5000.60, Defense Industrial Base Assessments. This presentation provides Summary of Change 3, which includes change updates references and organizational symbols to reflect the reorganization of the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Acquisition and Sustainment. This presentation is for members of the acquisition community involved with planning and execution of programs, program oversight, and involved with the Defense Industrial Base especially when performing Defense Industrial Base Assessments.
RLOG 002 DoD LCSP Outline V3.0 13 Oct 2022 This briefing provides an overview of the new DoD Life Cycle Sustainment Plan (LCSP) Outline Version 3.0, approved 13 October 2022 by the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Sustainment, and includes a description of what has changed compared to the previous Version 2.0 regarding LCSP organization, content, approval levels, and applicable references.
RLOG 003 Regional Sustainment Framework (RSF) 21 Feb 2024 This briefing provides an overview of the new DoD Regional Sustainment Framework (RSF). The RSF is a blueprint aimed at empowering a globally connected, distributed, and resilient Maintenance, Repair, and Overhaul (MRO) ecosystem. The RSF will determine and communicate a broad methodology for minimizing downtime for both routine and combat-related repairs, thereby expediting the return of ready military systems to the warfighter.