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ACQuipedia Governance

What is ACQuipedia?

ACQuipedia is a centralized knowledge base for acquisition information. It serves as an online encyclopedia of common acquisition topics and terms, and it is horizontally integrated across all ACQuipedia articles. It also is highly integrated with existing learning practices and tied to existing communities of practice. ACQuipedia supplements other gateways such as DAG, JCIDS, and IFC and uses a tailored Web 2.0 "wiki concept" to support collaboration and knowledge development. Through mass Service/Agency perpectives, it is constantly expanding information and accomodating Service/Agency perspectives. 


  • Supports 852 objectives
  • Establishes a dynamic living encyclopedia 
  • Improves currency of information
  • Fosters a collaborative approach
  • Is owned and managed by the competency owners/SMEs
  • Focuses on integration of learning assets across the ALM and horizontal integration of articles.
  • Includes expandable topics and competencies.
  • Encourages involved DAU faculty to share their knowledge and contribute quality learning assets

Before submitting an article suggestion, please…

  1. Use the menu on the left of the home page to browse existing articles by category or special topic.
  2. Search the ACQuipedia by typing keywords from your suggestion in the search box at the top of the page, and clicking the search button (magnifying glass). 
  3. If you are sure your suggestion does not already exist, click the blue Suggest an ACQuipedia Article button at the bottom left of the page.

Content Managers and Editors

  1. If you are a Content Manager, Learning Asset Manager, Editor or Portfolio Manager, you must login first, see image above.  After logging in, you will see additional menu itesm under the Suggest ACQuipedia Article button..
  2. Access the site management area of guidebooks from here. 

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