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Business Sponsor Responsibilities

Each individual site has a Business Sponsor. On Team Sites, the Business Sponsor may also be the Content Manager.

All Business Sponsors fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Defining business goals and the strategic direction for their site(s) within the governance plan's policies and guidelines.
  • Maintaining accountability for content quality on their site(s) or page(s).
  • Ensuring that all content is current, reliable, and accurate.
  • Determining which users have permission to read and edit and ensuring that these permissions have been correctly assigned. 
  • Ensuring that content and permissions are reviewed at least annually or more frequently based on site type.
  • Designating a Content Manager/Team Site Owner.
  • Determining whether or not the site is needed based on the "re-certification" timeline for the type of site.
  • Recommending the site for deletion or archive to the Business Owner if it is no longer needed.

Business Sponsors may or may not have anything more than contribute permissions for their site(s) and are expected to have a general understanding of the governance policies.

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