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Collaboration Governance and Training Content

DAU's collaboration sites consist of communities of practice and team sites. The best way to learn more about governance and training for collaboration sites is to view the learning roadmaps at the bottom of this page for each role. These learning roadmaps provide everything you need to know to participate as a member of a community or team site. To prepare yourself for becoming an efficient and effective community/team member, we recommend the following steps:

  1. Read the Getting Started to learn more about getting engaged in the DAU environment.
  2. Look at what you need to know to be a member of a community or team site.
  3. If you are assigned to or are interested in other roles, review the appropriate learning roadmap.
User Audience
expand Training Subject : 1 Start Here - New to Communities and Team Sites ‎(3)
expand Training Subject : Blogging ‎(1)
expand Training Subject : Complying with DAU Branding ‎(1)
expand Training Subject : Complying with DAU Copyright ‎(2)
expand Training Subject : Complying with DAU Public Release ‎(1)
expand Training Subject : Complying with Governance Requirements ‎(14)
expand Training Subject : Complying with Section 508 ‎(6)
expand Training Subject : Contributing Content ‎(3)
expand Training Subject : Maintaining Your Profile ‎(1)
expand Training Subject : Managing Sites ‎(1)
expand Training Subject : Moderating Communities ‎(22)
expand Training Subject : Participating in Communities ‎(7)
expand Training Subject : Participating in Discussion Forums ‎(2)
expand Training Subject : Searching ‎(1)
expand Training Subject : Using SharePoint ‎(2)
expand Training Subject : Working with Documents ‎(3)
Business SponsorBusiness Sponsor
Roles and responsibilities for Business Sponsors.
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Content ManagerContent Manager
Key training content for Content Managers.
Content Manager Learning RoadmapIn page navigation
Key training content for users with Contribute permissions on a site.
Contributor Learning RoadmapIn page navigation Users
Roles and responsibilities for users of a site.
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