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DAU Communities Chief Editor Responsibilities

The Chief Editor for all DAU Communities is a position in the Learning Solutions Center within the Workflow Learning Directorate (WLD). The responsibilities in this position include the following:

  • Reviewing requests for community sites along with the Collaboration Business Owner
  • Determining the navigation strategy for the Communities "landing page"
  • Assigning access rights to individual members or groups within communities

Additional tasks the Chief Editor and/or the community admin team also include:

Practice Center Management

  • Managing a consistent community look and feel
  • Designing and configuring CoP templates
  • Designing and maintaining model communities
  • Establishing and maintaining security, content management processes
  • Measuring document performance trends
  • Setting security permissions across the community practice center
  • Documenting, maintaining, and adhering to standard operating procedures
  • Reviewing CoP metrics 
  • Providing technical expertise and assistance with automating metrics collection
  • Reviewing usage trends and reporting activity

CoP Account Management

  • Reviewing, approving, or denying new account applications
  • Assisting with changes in contact information
  • Reviewing, disabling, or deleting old accounts
  • Assisting users with login information
  • Coordinating changes in contact information
  • Assisting community editors to assign new members to appropriate group(s) if necessary
  • Notifying editors of possible new community members
  • Providing individual access to communities
  • Coordinating group access to communities

Technical Support

  • Troubleshooting and responding to CoP user questions that the DAU helpdesk cannot answer
  • Monitoring technical and systems operations of the communities, including testing new versions of necessary software
  • Establishing shortcut URLs to support the communities
  • Moving content as needed
  • Deleting topics and communities if necessary
  • Coordinating required access groups

Community Support

  • Assisting in community roles as needed, including content editor and facilitator
  • Demonstrating to communitites on different skills, including
    • Posting new material
    • Reviewing existing content for currency and applicability
    • Ensuring subject matter reviews of contributions from community members
  • Assisting in the archiving and deleting of items as needed
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