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Community Leader Responsibilities

Each Community has a designated Community Leader(s) who is generally an expert in the domain or discipline associated with the respective community. In many cases, leaders do not have to be DAU faculty or staff and they perform the following responsibilities:

Provides Strategic Direction 

  • Guides the community's purpose and strategic intent
  • Energizes the process
  • Nurtures the community with positivity and a desire to learn and engage.
  • Acts as a sounding board for ideas
  • Identifies community stakeholders and potential community members.
  • Interfaces with the community sponsor and reports the progress of the community, if applicable.

Participates in Community Facilitation 

  • Organizes and coordinates startup activities
  • Connects members with each other
  • Revives communities with new ideas
  • Builds and maintains participation and membership by promoting the community, monitoring membership changes, and recruiting new members
  • Acts as a liaison with other communities

Supports Content Management

  • Serves as a subject matter expert (SME) on the focus of the community.
  • Acts as lead editor for the community
  • Assumes overall responsibility for its content, including scheduling periodic reviews (i.e., every 18 to 36 months) with core members to ensure that the CoP is still focused on what is important to the greater community
  • Approves content contributed by others
  • Periodically reviews content for promotion to DAU Sponsored content.


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