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Community Management Tasks

The Moderator's role is to monitor both content and conversations on the site to ensure everything is accurate, appropriate, and relevant to the community and see that questions on the community are answered and the community is engaged positively.

Regular Tasks (at least weekly)

  • Monitor conversations. Use these Tips for Engaging Community Members to encourage participation. 
  • Review reported posts. From the Community Tools link on the site's homepage, review the posts that members flagged as inappropriate. If necessary, follow the Inappropriate Conversation Response Protocol.
  • Review contributed content - Look at documents and other content from community members.
    • Pay attention to content that should be promoted to .
    • Move documents that should be promoted to the DAU Sponsored library on your site.
    • If contributed documents have not been updated in more than a year, review them to ensure they are still relevant. Update or delete documents that are no longer relevant, accurate or necessary.
  • Select important or topical questions to be featured.
  • Mark relevant discussions as the best reply to a question.
  • Send a link to a discussion post to encourage a community member to reply.


  • Validate that the community site is still needed and that all of the key roles for the community are filled by current members. 
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