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Community Moderator (Editor) Responsibilities

The strategic goal of the Community Moderator is to maintain an environment where community members share and exchange ideas, questions, and concerns and contribute resources that benefit both the community and the acquisition workforce as a whole. As such, the Moderator has three primary roles--community facilitation and engagement, content engagement, content management and governance, and site management. 

Community Facilitation and Engagement

Content Management and Governance

  • Reviews and executes the Community Management Tasks
  • Maintains and communicates guidelines to members for contributing knowledge objects and initiating discussion threads
  • Helps populate the site with content by mapping member-contributed knowledge objects to the appropriate areas within the context of the organizing framework
  • Works with SMEs to identify and map critical knowledge objects and to develop a logical organization of content, making it readily available and easily accessible to members.
  • Manages the process for reviewing and approving member contributions and works with SMEs to validate and approve the contributions as appropriate
  • Periodically reviews Community Only content for promotion to DAU Sponsored content or Workforce Contributed content
  • Creates summaries of knowledge objects, to relate to the community's specific needs
  • Identifies opportunities and adds links to relevant content from related communities
  • Updates, archives, or deletes items as appropriate
  • Understands the policies relevant to the Community Moderator role

Site Management

Required Training

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