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Community Moderator Learning Roadmap

Community Moderators play an important role in engaging the community and ensuring that the discussions benefit the members and the acquisition community as a whole. To get the most out of being a Community Moderator and be as efficient and effective as possible, please view the guidelines and trainings for Community Moderators. 

Review the Job DescriptionJob Description
Detailed roles and responsibilities for Community Moderators.
Community Moderator Job DescriptionIn page navigation
Learn About Engaging Your CommunityEngage Community
Advice for engaging community members and monitoring content.
Tips for Engaging Your CommunityIn page navigation
Review the Moderator ChecklistReview Checklist
List of regular and ad hoc tasks for Community Moderators.
Community Management TasksIn page navigation

The following key policies are applicable to Community Sites, and all Community Moderators should read and review them for their benefit.


Security and Policy Review of DoD Information Prior to Public Release
Public releasability - Security and Policy Review of DoD Information Prior to Public Release - DAU Directive 730. Describes review requirements for DAU Sponsored content.
DAU Branding Guidelines
DAU Branding Guidelines, Branded Templates, Seals & Logos, Branded Apparel
DAU Directive 720 - Copyright Policy (All Documents)
DAU policies related to copyright.
DAU Directive 316 - Social Media Policy
Defines DAU Policy for Social Media.
DAU Social Media Guide (PDF)
DAU Social Media guide.
DAU Social Media Overview
Links to DAU sites on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Flickr, Wikipedia, and YouTube, along with Social Media Quick Help

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