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Community Roles and Responsibilities

Community Oversight Roles

DAU Portal Governance Council (ALC) Governance Working Group
Community Regional Representatives

​Business Owner

​IT Owner/Administrator

​​Outreach, Marketing, Communications Support


Individual Community Roles

​ ​ ​ ​(DAU sponsor for non-DAU led communities)
​Community Leader
Community Moderator/Editor​Subject Matter Expert​Community Member


Key Learning Roadmaps

Review the rules of engagementRules of Engagement
Review the important community Rules of Engagement.
Rules of EngagementIn page navigation
Understand the guiding principlesGuiding Principles
Review the overall objectives and principles for Communities.
Guiding PrinciplesIn page navigation
Learn the content governance policiesGovernance Policies
Review the types of content that can be contributed and how it is reviewed.
Content GovernanceIn page navigation
Follow the guidelines for discussion forumsDiscussion Forums
Understand the expecations for participating in a community discussion forum.
Discussion Forum GuidelinesIn page navigation
Review the roles and responsibilitiesResponsibilities
Review the list of roles and responsibilities for Community Members.
Community Member ResponsibilitiesIn page navigation
Review the Job DescriptionJob Description
Detailed roles and responsibilities for Community Moderators.
Community Moderator Job DescriptionIn page navigation
Learn About Engaging Your CommunityEngage Community
Advice for engaging community members and monitoring content.
Tips for Engaging Your CommunityIn page navigation
Review the Moderator ChecklistReview Checklist
List of regular and ad hoc tasks for Community Moderators.
Community Management TasksIn page navigation

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