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Community Sponsor Responsibilities

When the Community Leader is not a DAU staff or faculty member, the Leader is required to have a DAU faculty or staff member serve as the Community Sponsor. When the Community Leader is a DAU staff or faculty member they will serve as both the leader and the sponsor. As such, the Community Sponsor will fufill the following responsibilities:

  • Providing high-level sponsorship and support for the community at-large
  • Promoting the value of membership and encouraging community growth and commitment of organizational resources
  • Establishing community organizing structure
  • Identifying and mapping critical knowledge applicable to the community
  • Harvesting and creating new knowledge
  • Working with the Community Moderator to ensure that knowledge objects are relevant, valid, accurate and best sources
  • Working with the Community Leader to refresh and expand the knowledge base
  • Suggesting potential topics for face-to-face community meetings and participating in those meetings
  • Monitoring questions and participating in discussions
  • Providing process analysis expertise
  • Participating in the community as a member
  • Validating the ongoing need for the community annually 
  • Recommending the site for deletion or archiving to the Collaboration Business Owner if the site is no longer needed.


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