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Content Approver Responsibilities

Content Approver Training

Content Approvers are content managers, community editors/leaders (which may include non-DAU personnel), and subject matter experts with the authority to approve and publish information to the public parts of the portal, including the Communities of Practice. In this trusted role, they are responsible for the posted content meeting the following criteria:

  1. The content is current, accurate, relevant and necessary. This requires the appropriate subject matter expertise.
  2. The content is suitable for public release. The content is considered unclassified and adheres to DoD instruction Number 8550.01 and DAU Directive 730.
  3. The content is accessible according to section 508 standards
  4. The content follows DAU branding guidelines. This ensures the content is uniform and in compliance according to assigned guidelines. Please see the Branding page for more information.
  5. The content adheres to copyright laws and DAU/DoD policy.

Content Approvers must be familiar with the governance site and understand the various types of content available. Contributions to the portal can be made either in the Communities of Practice or the Acquisition Tools page. The Tools page is a list of job support tools, and both DAU Sponsored and Workforce Contributed content may be posted there.

DAU faculty and staff submit DAU Sponsored contributions, and those require a Content Approver's approval. Workforce members post Workforce Contributed content, and the appropriate SME(s) or CoP owner(s) are notified. Workforce content is clearly marked as "workforce contributed," and a Content Approver may promote workforce contributed content to DAU Sponsored content if appropriate. This type of content is not viewable by the public, and only users who are authenticated into the portal are permitted to view it.

Content Approvers are required to take the trainings listed below from DAU's Virtual Campus (Cornerstone on Demand - CSOD).  The training course is PDC 100 Creating Policy Compliant Learning Assets. The training content is also vailable here for future reference. The Virtual Campus (CSOD) will be used to track training completion, and upon completing the training, users who will serve as content approvers will need to complete a Notice and Consent Statement for Public Release Authority. All Content Approvers must take the training through the Virtual Campus (CSOD), complete and sign this form, and have their Dean/Director and the topic area portfolio manager (Learning Director) for their content area sign it. This form must be maintained on file at DAU.

Content Approver Required Training

Virtual Campus PDC 100 Sign-Up Instructions

To take the PDC 100, you must have a DAU ID.  To sign-up, once you have a DAU ID, select Course Login from the top of this page to login to the Virtual Campus and once logged in, search for PDC 100. Select View Curriculum to begin the course. After you complete the course, you will receive information and a link to the Notice and Consent Form.

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