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Content Manager Responsibilities

Each site has a Content Manager and on Team sites, the Content Manager may also serve as the Team Site Owner and . As such, this position involves the following responsibilities:

  • Managing the site every day by executing required functions to ensure that the content is accurate, relevant, and necessary.
  • Serving as the primary identified point of contact for the site unless there is a separate Site Contact.
  • Ensuring all content complies with governance policies and best practices.
  • Identifying enhancements and new functionality as needed.
  • Reviewing all content for relativity, accuracy, reliability, and necessity at least annually.
  • Validating with the Business Sponsor (unless serving as the Business Sponsor) that the site is still needed based on the review timeline for the site type.
  • Remove or archive old, irrelevant, or unnecessary content per records management policies.
  • Participating in training to become proficient in updating and editing content.
  • Monitoring usage analytics to understand audience preferences and improve accordingly.

Training expectations for Content Managers include the following: Roles and Responsibilities

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