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Copyright Training

The purpose of this training is to inform DAU staff and faculty of the policies and guidelines related to the use and ownership of copyrighted materials, and recommended ways to obtain permission to use copyrighted materials.  Any documents or assets that we create or share on the website or within classes need to be reviewed with these guidelines in mind.  Content creators need to be aware of these policies as well as content approvers, those who have the authority to approve content being posted to the website.  Guidance related to public release is under the purview of DAU's legal counsel.  Be sure to watch the training video under Support Training Documents & Videos, What You Need to Know About Copyrights.  Additional Guidance on specific aspects of copyright law can be obtained from DAU’s General Counsel. Copyright is governed by Federal law (Title 17 U.S. Code).

DAU Directive 720 Copyright Policy

This policy provides guidance with regard to the use and ownership of copyrighted materials, and assigns responsibilities within DAU for obtaining permission to use copyrighted materials.

Copyright is the exclusive right to distribute, perform, reproduce, display or create derivative works, and to grant permission to others to use "original works of authorship."  Copyright protection may be given to many different types of work including literary writings, studio visuals, slides, data spreadsheets, graphics and recordings, to name a few.  See the directive for the complete list.

Many users think that because DAU is a training/educational institution that we do not need permission to use copyrighted materials. That is NOT the case. DAU and all Federal agencies must follow copyright law the same as everyone else.  Some (though not all) prospective uses within DAU may qualify for exemptions, but those normally do not apply to distance learning, blogs, or other online activities posted/hosted by DAU.  You should watch the training video for the specific information about when and where these exemptions may apply.

It is often much easier to obtain permission to use copyrighted material than you think. DAU has successfully obtained permission to use copyrighted material on several occasions and frequently it can be handled via email. See the training video at the right for more information on how to obtain permissions.  When you receive permission to use copyrighted information, it is important to document that permission in some manner, such as a copy of the email placed in a central location, such as the course Sharepoint site, not your email archives. In that situation, DAU will maintain that documented permission should you leave the university or something happens to your email.

Don't forget to visit the Frequently Asked Questions about Copyright page.


  Supporting Training Documents & Videos

Video Training Session -What You Need to Know About Copyrights

Presented by Ted Lorenz and Vicki Allums, (28 minutes)







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