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DAU Branding Information

DAU staff and faculty have worked hard to develop a positive reputation with our customers and stakeholders. DAU's branding elements convey to the Defense Acquisition Workforce that the information provided has been vetted and approved by our personnel and is therefore accurate and timely. The DAU branding guidelines ensure a consistent and cohesive look and message for DAU content. When consistently implemented, the DAU brand works to reinforce DAU's core values, promote a positive image and achieve a strong, memorable brand identity.

The DAU Branding Guide has an extensive set of guidelines regarding the DAU brand. The DAU Branding Guide and branding templates may be found on the DAUNet under Communications and then Branding. Below are some key considerations when creating products for internal and external use. Faculty and staff can find more extensive branding guidelines in the DAU Branding Guide, available on the DAUNet Policy & Procedures section or through the Communications page. Non-DAU personnel wishing to incorporate the DAU logo, branding elements or other trademarks should contact the DAU Public Affairs Office [email protected] prior to use.

Why is Branding Important?

DAU staff and faculty have worked hard to create a positive reputation as subject matter experts who develop helpful products and job support tools. The Defense Acquisition Workforce knows that tools released with DAU branding elements have been created and vetted by DAU personnel and is information they can trust. When you create tools or release information on behalf of the university, using DAU branding elements provides credibility for your product. 

Non-DAU Personnel Using the Logo

General rule: Non-DAU personnel are not authorized to use the DAU logo, seal or other branding elements. Permission to use the logo, seal or any DAU branding elements must be obtained from the DAU Public Affairs Office prior to use. Additionally, third-parties wishing to use the DAU logo or other branding elements must make clear their relationship to DAU on products containing the DAU logo. Third-parties are NEVER authorized to recreate or modify the DAU logo; produce independent products bearing the DAU logo, seal or other branding elements; or to create products and/or speak as an authority representing DAU.  

DAU Logo and Authorized Variations

The red DAU logo with a white background should be used whenever possible. The logo is never to appear in front of a "busy" or distracting background and should always be allowed a minimum isolation area so as to stand apart from other elements on the product. The logo must always be surrounded by negative space equal to half the width of a single ascender for the U (indicated by the letter X in the diagram).



The DAU logo is only authorized in DAU red or black, no other colors. DAU Red is the following color (provided in four popular color formats):

Pantone: 187 C 

CMYK: 0, 100, 74, 26 

RGB: 166, 25, 46 


If the publication or graphic element is black and white, a black version of the DAU logo is also authorized. In addition to the DAU logo, authorized variants include a version of the logo with a red or black border box surrounding the white background. The color of the border box must be the same color as the logo.

Documents, presentations and other products must be internally consistent regarding the version of the logo (color, border) used (i.e. if you're going to use one version in a document, keep using that version). 

Do not:

  • Use the logo in any other color than DAU red or black.
  • Modify the logo in any way (move, delete, or rearrange elements; add elements; stretch it, etc.).
  • Incorporate the logo into any other logo.
  • Use the logo as a texture for a background.
  • Add text or graphic elements to the logo (e.g. add a legend with a Business Unit).
  • Place the logo over a photograph or any textured background.
  • Make the logo a design element.
  • Use the logo in place of the acronym "DAU" in text.
  • Place another company or organizational logo or seal (including the DAU seal) next to the DAU logo.

Acceptable Logo Variations



The audience should be able to clearly read the information provided in publications and products. For this reason, DAU uses two fonts:

  • Montserrat
  • Arial (as an alternative)

Supporting Policies or Guidance

  • The DAU Branding Guide and templates can be found on the DAUNet for DAU staff and faculty under Communications.

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