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DAU Content Guidelines

DAU staff and faculty, as well as workforce members, who are interested in contributing content or job support tools to the portal should be aware of guidelines and polices related to contributing content. Use the guidelines and training on these pages to ensure that the content you create (documents, tools, presentations, and video) are compliant with DAU policies related to copyright, branding, public release and Section 508 guidelines.

DAU faculty and staff who have the permissions to approve DAU sponsored content for the portal will be considered Content Approvers and should review content and responsibilities located on that page. The training on policies is the same for both developers and approvers.


Content Development Process

Anyone developing content for the portal should follow the DAU Content Creation process and best practices below:

  • Socialize your idea and get feedback from colleagues, user experience learning regional reps, your content approvers and supervisor early in the process to validate the idea before investing time.
  • Research and determine if content already exists on the topic you are considering. Would it be better to work with a previous learning asset manager to update that information?
  • Conduct at least two reviews with appropriate user experience learning regional reps and SMEs from your topic area.  The first review should be a design review for brainstorming ideas and validating proposed content. The design review should include the content approver from the topic area so they can provide input and allow you to remediate any concerns early on prior to detailed development. The final review should be a quality review to validate the accuracy of the content, 508 compatibility and public releasability. The quality review should also include the appropriate content approver which will allow them to ask questions and prepare them to quickly approve your content within the system.
  • Assign relevant content metadata that will help colleagues find the content that is relevant to their job or tasks.
  • Act as a partner to the Content Manager to ensure that all content contributed is still relevant and accurate by reviewing contributions on at least an annual basis.

Content Contribution Governance for & Communities

Only authenticated users may contribute content to sites or Community. Content contributed into the DAU Sponsored area will require the approval of a Content Approver before it is viewable by the public.

Content is not limited to just written documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. Members may share links, multimedia, and images as long as they follow the below guidelines:

  • Links: Links must be tested before they are published.
  • Multimedia: Videos must be posted to the new DAU media management solution.
  • Images: All images must have accompanying ALT Text and/or a caption for 508 compliance. 

Workforce Contributed Content

Workforce Contributed content is that content submitted by authenticated users of the portal to either a community of practice or the acquisition tools page of the portal. Workforce Contributed content is viewable only by authenticated users and is not visible by the general public.  DAU Content Approvers may choose to elevate certain content to DAU Sponsored content.

DAU Sponsored Content

DAU sponsored content should follow the content creation and development process outlined on this page.  Once content is ready to be submitted it can be uploaded on the Acquisition Tools page or within a community.  All DAU Sponsored content will be reviewed by a content approver for adherence to copyright, public release, 508 compliance and DAU branding guidelines in addition to a quality review by a subject matter expert.  When content is being approved within the portal, the approver should ensure that it is tagged appropriately within the taxonomy so that the material will be easily surfaced with search.


Those developing content for the portal should review the same training as the Content Approvers.  Training is identified at the top right with regard to governance. For those developing content within DAU, valuable asset creation resources are available on the internal DEVx site as well as training on development tools (DAU faculty and staff only).

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