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The Governance Working Group (GWG) includes members from the following organizations:

  • Performance, Coordination and Optimization Directorate (PCO) - 1 representative
  • User Experience Directorate (UXD) - 2 representatives - co-chair
  • Office of the President (Corporate Communications) - 1 representative
  • Information Technology (IT) - 2 representatives - co-chair
  • Representative from the User Experience Regional Leads - 3 representative (rotating, 1 from DSMC or CCM and then other 2 from regions)

The Working Group fulfills the following responsibilities:

  • Coordinating ongoing management of the
  • Working with the Business and IT Owners to ensure that objectives are achieved.
  • Determining which actions require escalation to the DAU Governance Council and preparing a recommended course of action.
  • Developing and maintaining the governance and training content for all, Community and Team sites.
  • Ensuring that sites and pages that do not follow governance policies and guidelines or that are no longer needed are remediated or removed.
  • Resolving conflicting goals and objectives with regard to the overall navigational architecture and page content.
  • Determining the status of non-complaint sites.

 Members of the Governance Working Group (GWG) are expected to have a good understanding of the guidelines and principles related to the governance.

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