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Overview is the public-facing site for DAU's web presence as well as the "front door" for our primary audience, the Defense Acquisition Workforce. As the "front door" for DAU application systems and content, a key objective for the site is to provide a consistent user experience. All systems and applications that are either part of or accessible from the site must follow consistent branding guidelines. At a minimum, the top header, left navigation hamburger menu and footer will be applied to all applications owned by DAU and to which links.


The following list describes key guiding principles for content managed in the site. All content must follow the processes and policies defined in Content Contribution Governance for

  • Everyone has a responsibility. Although every page accessible form the site has a  and Content Manager, all users are responsible for ensuring that content is accurate, reliable, current, and necessary by providing feedback to the Content Manager.
  • Only one document is permitted. One "managing" department or owner must publish only one copy of a document each and ensure it remains up-to-date. If the department does not "own" the content (e.g., it's a copyrighted work), it must not be directly uploaded. Instead, a link to the document should be posted.
  • Updates are always in place. A versioning feature with a limit of 100 is enabled for all document libraries in the site. Therefore, updates to all documents should be made "in place." If extensive updates are necessary, the document should be downloaded to be edited offline and then re-uploaded under the same name so that all links to that document do not break. Governance and Training

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