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Editing a SharePoint Page

Example: About this Community Page 

The About this Community page is where you can let users know about your community and the type of content they will find there.

Screenshot of About this Community page

How to Edit a SharePoint Page

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Before editing any SharePoint page, you must sign in.

Sign In to your page


Once you have signed in, you should browse to the page you want to edit, for this example we will use the About this Community page. Once on the page, you will see the option to click Edit in the top right corner of your screen.

Click the Edit link

Once you have clicked Edit, a ribbon will appear (see below) very similar to that of Microsoft Word. On the About the Community or any SharePoint page, you can edit the main text, in this example, the text in the middle of the page. It is important to note the Save icon. It is located on the Page tab of the ribbon. If at anytime you do not see Save, make sure you are on the Page tab.

 If you click Save, your content will be saved and you will STOP editing. If you click the drop down arrow below Save, you will see an option to Save and Keep Editing. Be sure to save your edits along the way and when you are finished adding/editing your content. Once you've finished and click save, your changes will appear on your page.  Within the ribbon, you can see that you have the same type of text editing as in Word with formatting and style options.Editing Ribbon

Note: To add a hyperlink in SharePoint with your editing ribbon, click Instert, Hyperlink. You can either uload a hyperlink from SharePoint or an Address. If you choose From SharePoint you will navigate using the popup window to your link. If you choose From Address you will simply paste your hyperlink.

hyperlink inside SharePoint ribbon

From SharePoint:

From Address:

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