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Related Websites

The Related Websites area within a Community of Practice is an area where the community leader/editor can post websites of interest to the community. In addition, via the Contribute button, community members can suggest additional websites to be added. These suggestions will require the approval of the community leader/editor before they appear on the page.

How to Edit the Related Websites Page

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Before editing the Related Websites page, you must sign in. Click the Sign In button on the top right of the page. If you see the words "Sign Out" on the button, it indicates you are already signed in.

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Navigate to Related Websites

​​​Click on Related Websites from the side menu.

Navigate to the Related Websites page

This will bring up the Related Websites homepage. Here you can see Title, URL, Topic Area, Organization, and Rating columns. Click on the URL and the link will open in a new tab on your browser.

Screenshot of Related Websites home page

Add New Item

To add a new item, click the +new item link. This will open a template.

add new related websites

Fill out the template entirely, including Title, URL, Comments, Topic Area, Organization. When you are finished filling out the information, be sure to click Save. You will notice the note highlighted in yellow when you begin the template. To track approvals, see the Approve/Reject Items on the Related Websites homepage.

Related Websites - New Item window

Pending Items

Once an item has been added, it will be in the Pending Items area. To check on pending items (new websites added that have not been approved or rejected yet), click the Pending Items link visible from the Related Websites homepage.

Click Pending Items link

Approve/Reject Items

Once an item has been approved or rejected, you can track the approvals/rejections by clicking the Approve/reject Items link visible from the Related Websites homepage.

Click Approve/Reject Items link

Edit Existing Item

To edit an existing item, click the edit this list link visible from the Related Websites homepage.

Click edit this list

To edit the URL/Title, click inside the box, giving it a blue bold outline. A link icon will show off the the left. Click the icon and a box will appear to edit the Address and the Display Text (Title).

Edit your item

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