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Getting Started

If this is your first visit to the sites, make sure you understand the overall governance concepts for this environment. Below are some key tips and procedures to do first to get the most out of using the website.

  1. Log in or Authenticate to
  2. Learn tips about navigating around
  3. Learn about search 

Log In/Authenticate to

To have the best experience, you will want to log in or authenticate your credentials. Authenticated users have additional functionality and permissions and are able to view more content than guests or unauthenticated users. As an authenticated user, you will be able to do the following:

  • Comment on content as well as view the other users' comments 
  • Rate content via star ratings and see the ratings from other users.
    • Submit and View workforce contributed content. As an authenticated user, you will have the ability to submit content within the communities or in the acquisition tools area, sharing your expertise and best job support tools with your colleagues. Only authenticated users will be able to submit and view this content while unauthenticated users will only see DAU sponsored content.
  • Share favorite content through email or social media.

Learn Tips About Navigating Around and the DAU Communities are built on the Microsoft SharePoint platform. This design provides several of the following methods for site navigation:

  • DAU Logo: Clicking the DAU logo in the upper left hand corner of any page will always bring you to the home page.
  • Hamburger Menu: The three bars at the top left, next to the DAU logo. Click this menu button to see an expanded left navigation menu to go directly to sites and solutions within the website. Click the Hamburger Menu from within a subsite and you will see a menu specific to that site.  The DAU menu will be collapsed but always available above the subsite menu.
  • Quick Link Buttons: Many of the sites will have circle icons or rectangular tiles that are used to navigate to different areas of the website.
  • Browser's Back Button: The "back" button on your browser will take you to the previous page or site. This is often a handy way to get back to a page that you just left.

Learn About Search

You may have arrived at or a Community from a Google search or a similar search engine. Here, you can use the search engine within the website to find additional or specific information and even see a preview of the results. Review these Tips for Using Search to learn how you can find your specific item the first time. Although you may see several different website areas mentioned within these pages, the new has all content integrated, and a simple search will bring up various content from an ACQuipedia article to a job support tool to even a course.


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