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Governance Summary

The following table summarizes the overall governance expectations for the portal and collaboration sites. For a description of the different contexts (e.g. Communities of Practice and Team sites, etc.), see the Governance Overview section below.

Sign In (Login/Authenticate)

In order to view workforce contributed content a user must be signed in to the portal. (These words are used interchangeably on the portal: authenticate, log in, and sign in.)

Benefits to Signing In:

  • View workforce contributed content on the Acquisition Tools page and within Communities of Practice
  • Comment on blogs and view other user's comments
  • Within the Acquisition Tools page
    • View workforce contributed tools
    • Contribute tools
    • Rate tools and view other's star ratings
    • Comment on tools and view other's comments
  • Within communities -
    • Follow content or people
    • View/Set Alerts
    • Star rate content and view other's star ratings
    • View member lists and their profiles
  • Additional capabilities if you are a community member, within that community, you can:
    • Add/Reply to discussions
    • Like discussion topics or replies
    • Add/Edit related websites (requires approval before posting)
    • Add/Edit workforce contributed content

Content Management

Within the Communities of Practice and the Acquisition Tools and Resources page of the portal, there are two types of content: DAU Sponsored and Workforce Contributed. DAU Sponsored is defined as content that is reviewed and approved by DAU faculty and staff, whereas Workforce Contributed Content is simply content contributed by authenticated and authorized members of the acquisition community. Search results and individual content pages will clearly outline the different types of content. For more information, review the following governance pages:

All content will automatically have mandatory review dates assigned (1 year by default).


  • DAU Sponsored Content Visible to all users (including guests) with some exceptions based on business need. An example would be DAU's Earned Value Management (EVM) Gold Card on the Acquisition Tools and Resources page.
  • Workforce Contributed Content Visible to only logged in authenticated users. An example would be an analysis of alternatives template uploaded by a workforce member to the Acquisition Tools and Resources page. See image below.
  • Team Site Content Visible to only logged in authenticated with explicit access permissions to each site.

On the Acquisition Tools page, Workforce Contributed Content will display as shown below with a dark black border and the three people icon in the top left corner.  This content is ONLY viewable by authenticated users.

Workforce Contributed Tool


​Solution Context​Vision​Type of Content​Ownership/ Accountability​Review Frequency

​Official Public-facing website for DAU

Portal for the acquisition workforce

"One stop shop" of resources for the defense acquisition community

Provides mandatory, assignment specific, and continuing education courses for military and civilian personnel





​Individual Business Sponsor and Content Manager for each site

Content Manager accountable for daily content management

​As contributed for DAU Sponsored content

At least an annual review for the site overall

​Community Sites

​Topic-focused communities for the acquisition workforce

Contain some content that is publicly available (DAU Sponsored) and other content that requires authentication to view (e.g. Workforce Contributed and PII information in ALL content)


Links to Video

Discussion Forums


​Individual DAU Sponsor for each site plus Community Leader, Community Moderators accountable for daily content management

Workforce Contributed content has no initial review unless specified by the Leader/Moderator

DAU Sponsored content is promoted by authorized Leader/Moderator

At least an annual review for all content and for the site overall

Discussion Forum posts will be automatically deleted 1 year after the Modified date

Team Sites​Private collaboration spaces only accessible by people invited to the site




​Individual Business Sponsor and Content Manager for each site

​Site has a limited lifetime specified when the site is created. Team sites may be "persistent."

Review is determined by the Content Manager



To request a new site or an enhancement/improvement to an existing site, review the following site request information for each type:


All sites will follow a consistent branding standard and design. For more information, refer to Design and Branding Standards

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