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for the & Collaboration Sites (Communities of Practice & Team Sites)

Welcome to the and our collaboration training ​and governance site. This site provides a comprehensive collection of training and governance information for the and the DAU collaboration workspaces, which include the DAU Communities of Practice, as well as team sites. The Governance Summary provides an overview of governance information, but to get started as a member of a Community or a user of the site, review the Getting Started Roadmap to learn how to update your profile and to get engaged.

The site is organized by the different areas of the site and then the specific training content for the key roles. The site content is divided by 1) website, 2) the Communities of Practice (CoPs), and 3) Team sites. After that are the other workflow learning product lines: ACQuipedia, Ask A Professor, Acquisition Tools, DAU Webcasts and Video.  In addition, you can find specific training for critical roles such as Content Approvers, Content Creators/Contributors and Communities of Practice Moderators/Leaders and Members.

If you are new to a CoP role, be sure to review the Learning Roadmap for the three CoP roles from the menu at the right. These pages provide "one stop shopping" training sites for key CoP roles.

To navigate this site, related content links will appear at the right, but you can always get to the main menu from the Hamburger Menu icon at the top left.

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Guidance and helpful information for new users.
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