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How to Add a Link to Tools List

You must be signed in and have at least moderator rights to the community. This item is to be used to add links to tools that reside in the Tools database.

On the Tools page, choose the Items tab in the ribbon at the top left of the page.

Image of Tools in left navigation and Items tab at top left of page

Click on the drop-down arrow beside the New Item icon, then choose Create a new Community Tool.

Image showing New Item function in task ribbon.

In another tab, open the DAU Tools page, find the tool for which you wish to add a link in your community, and copy the URL for it. [Note: On the DAU Tools page, you can scroll through the various types of tools, enter a search term, or click the magnifying glass to see a list of filters to help you narrow your search.]

Image of DAU Tools banner and search field.

Return to your edit screen in the first browser tab. Complete the required fields (and optional fields, if you choose). Paste the DAU tool URL into the Tool URL field and put the tool title in both the Title field at top and the Tool URL Description field below the Tool URL. Add context by completing the Tool Description field and then choose the Tool Type from the drop-down. Click Save.

Image of Tools contribution window and fields.

The tool title and description will now be displayed on your community’s Tools page.

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