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Inappropriate Conversation Response Protocol

For Community Leaders/Moderators

The Communities of Practice are designed to encourage interaction and communication among its members, and all members are encouraged to share their knowledge and expertise in a relevant business or defense acquisition field. However, the Community Moderator must be aware that inappropriate conversations or content may occur and act immediately and appropriately. If a community member reports a conversation or content as incorrect or inappropriate or if you see a post containing incorrect or inappropriate information, follow the below guidelines:

  1. Reply to the discussion if the response will be beneficial to the larger community.
  2. Reply offline to the contributor if the comment is specific to an individual or not relevant to other community members. Use the Guidelines for Participating in Discussion Forums to determine if the content should be deleted because it violates community guidelines. An example of an offline or email response to the contributor could say: "Comments are encouraged, but we do ask you to respect the community. Any commentary may be reviewed, and any items posted that are disruptive, offensive, or use profanity may be removed at DAU's sole discretion. DAU wishes to protect the integrity of this community, so asks that all participation be appropriate and relevant to the content on this site."
While we encourage our community members to engage, contribute, and comment, we do ask that you respect the community when you do so. Comments and content may occasionally be reviewed, and any items deemed disruptive, offensive, or irrelevant to DAU's mission and interests may be removed at the University's discretion. Because DAU wishes to protect the integrity of this community, we ask that you contribute and comment only appropriate and relevant content to this site.
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