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Infrastructure Support / Administration Team Responsibilities

The portal Infrastructure Support and Administration Team within DAU IT carry expert level technical knowledge and experience in SharePoint 2013. As such, they must fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Overseeing the technical administration functions for the
  • Monitoring performance
  • Resolving any performance or operational support issues
  • Running audits on sites to determine usage, security, and quotas
  • Ensuring that backup and recovery processes are implemented
  • Ensuring that usage analytics are managed and available to support ongoing improvements to the site
  • Monitoring performance issues within the environment
  • Managing major deployments of new software or third-party tools
  • Reviewing modifications and upgrades
  • Working with the business owner to ensure that any changes that affect the user audience are appropriately and effectively communicated
  • Provisioning new sites as defined by the Information Architect/Governance Working Group.

    Additionally, the Infrastructure Support and Administration should be familiar with the following: Roles

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