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How to Edit the FAQs Page

For Community Leaders/Moderators

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Before editing the FAQs page, you must sign in.

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Navigate to FAQs

​​​Click on FAQs from the side menu. 

Add a New FAQ

To add a new FAQ, click the + new item link in the top left portion of your page.

new item faq

A template will appear for you to type the user's submitted question and your answer. You can assign a Topic Area to the question/answer entry. Simply click the tags icon next to the Topic Area bar and select the appropriate tag. Click OK. Don't forget to check your spelling, and once complete click Save. Your entry will now appear on the FAQ homepage.

FAQ new item template 

FAQ topic areas


Users can rate the FAQs (0-5).  To rate, you must be signed in.

Editing Existing Entries

To edit an existing entry, expand the question using the triangle icon as mentioned above, then under the Edit column you will see a paper icon with a pencil. Click this icon. The template to edit the existing FAQ will appear. Don't forget to click Save once you've completed your edits.

edit icon faq

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