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Managing Team Site Memberships

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Add a New User

From the team site main page, click "Add new user" at the bottom of the Site Members web part.

Click Add new user

Enter a name or email address (works best if you surround first and last name or email address with double quotes, followed by a semi-colon, e.g., "[email protected]"; ) and wait for the name choice display to appear; select the appropriate account. Potential members must have an account with DAU. If adding multiple names, you must add them all with the same permission level.

Enter a user name and wait for options, then select the appropriate one.

Note: If you cannot find the user with the above method, you may request the user supply you with his/her Empower Identity (EID) user name or DAUID number. The user can find these by signing in to EID (, clicking the down arrow beside his/her name at the top right corner of the page, and choosing View Profile from the menu. The DAUID number is clearly marked, and the EID user name is listed as DAU Login.

After adding a name(s), click "Show Options" (will display as "Hide Options" after you click it) to reveal the permission level drop-down menu. Make your selection and then click the Share button. Be sure to add new members in the Team Members group first, then add them for any additional rights that you wish to grant them.

Click Show Options to assign access rights.

A variety of permission groups exist, from which you can choose. This image shows the groups names available for team spaces (the team name will change for each space, e.g., this one is for the IAC team site) and each group’s associated permission level.

Permission Groups

To view a detailed description of each permission level, click the Gear at the top right of your screen and choose Site Settings. Once there, choose Site Permissions under the Users and Permissions area.

Choose Site Settings from the Gear menu     Choose Site Permissions from the Site Settings menu

Click Permissions in the task ribbon, then choose Manage > Permission Levels.

Access Permission Levels from the task ribbon

The description of what each permission level can do is listed to the right of that permission level.

Permissions are displayed across from each permission level

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Approve a Membership Request

When you receive a notification that someone has requested access to your site, click the link in the email to review the request ([sitename]/Access%20Requests/pendingreq.aspx). To act upon a request, click the ellipsis to the right of the requester's name; from the pop-up window, you will be able to approve or to deny the request. You may also choose to send the requester a message.

Review pending requests and either Approve or Decline the request.

You may also access the approval panel by going to Site Settings and clicking the link for "Access requests and invitations".

Go to Site Settings and clicking the link for Access requests and invitations

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Remove a User

To remove a user, click the Gear and choose Site Settings.

Click the Gear and choose Site Settings

Under the Users and Permissions section, click on "People and groups".

Click on People and groups under Site Settings

Check the box next to the name of the user that you wish to remove, then choose "Remove Users from Group" from the Actions menu.

Select the user to be removed and click the Actions link

Click OK to confirm the removal.

Confirm the removal

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View Members of a Group

To view the members of a permission group, go to Site Settings > Users and Permissions > People and groups. The permission groups are listed in the left column. Click the one that you wish to view, and the members of that group are displayed in the center of your page.

View permission group members by clicking on the permission group name

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