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Blog Governance

The purpose of this document is to provide guidance for the publication of blogs on and subsites. Given that writing a blog requires a regular commitment to creating new content, DAU prefers to approach blogs from a topic-oriented position rather than an individual author-oriented position, providing us with the option to have a curated rotating cast of contributors for a blog.

Contributing to a Blog

There are currently several areas on the that host blogs. The main areas are within the functional gateways.  Before requesting a new blog, read the blog considerations below to ensure it is the best avenue for your content.

  1. First, look at the existing blogs on the functional gateways  Does your topic fall under any of these areas? If so, contact the blog author for that gateway and offer to be a guest blogger within that area.  Many bloggers are looking for new content and would welcome the opportunity to have a guest or co-blogger. In this instance, collaborate with the blog manager, send them your content and they can post it under your by-line. Additionally, the blog manager will work with you to develop an appropriate image.
  2. If a topic comes up that does not fit neatly into any of the areas DAU offers, the submitter should contact the DAU Public Affairs office at to discuss other options for hosting their article/blog.
  3. Anyone with permissions to post blog content will be required to take the Content Approver training and those who are frequent guest bloggers would be highly encouraged to take the training.
  4. On occasion, a DAU blogger may host a guest blogger who has an opinion contrary to or not representative of DAU's views.  These contributions should include the following disclaimer before the blog content:

    "This blog is a contribution from <author> and does not necessarily reflect the opinions of DAU or its employees. Information provided is representative of the author only."

Blog Considerations:

Should this content be a blog, a news article, posted to a CoP, an ACQuipedia article or an article for the Defense AT&L (

If you have content that you want to share with the workforce, there are several options available to you. Review the options below with their relevant benefits and audiences.

  1. Post the content as a discussion post in a relevant community of practice – This will allow for others to comment and create an ongoing dialogue with colleagues.
  2. Suggest or write an ACQuipedia article – This will make the content easily searchable and is great for reference material that should be incorporated into DAU's body of acquisition knowledge. ACQuipedia articles should be factual write-ups, similar to encyclopedic entries.
  3. Write an article for Defense AT&L Magazine – This is a bimonthly magazine for senior military personnel, civilians, defense contractors and defense industry professionals in program management and the acquisition, technology and logistics workforce. Specific guidance on style and length can be found here.
  4. Write a blog particularly if the information you are relaying is time sensitive.  Blogs are not ideal for long-term reference materials as their content is expected to rotate frequently. An appropriate use of a blog might be to discuss the release of new policy and how it will be rolled out. It is your chance to report on what is going on and/or give your analysis. The blog would then have a link to the new policy and related training materials. More encyclopedic information would be better for an ACQuipedia article where it can be easily located and that is where most people would look for reference type material.
  5. Submit a news article for the homepage news section.  News articles are factual and link to supporting reference material or relevant learning assets, typically between 300 and 500 words. Opinion and perspective-pieces are better fits for the Defense AT&L. The Public Affairs Office at can help authors interested in publishing a news article.

Why should I write as a guest blogger under an established functional gateway blog?

Functional gateways have an established audience who want to keep up-to-date on that topic area. By posting as a guest blogger within a gateway you will reach viewers that are already interested in your topic.

What frequency warrants a standing blog?

At least monthly, but more frequent is expected by most audiences. The workforce wants to visit sites that have fresh and up-to-date information. Going to a site with old or out-of-date content reduces the trust and value of the site. The functional gateway lead will manage the rotation of bloggers and publication frequency of content. If you'd like to submit more frequently, they will likely be happy to help.

Who can I contact to learn more about blogging?

The first step one should take in order to submit a blog is to contact the functional gateway lead for the gateway closest to your topic area and let them know you are interested in submitting content. If you have questions about which category (blog, article, etc.) or would like to propose sponsoring your own blog, contact the Public Affairs Office at to discuss options.

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