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Related Websites Area on the Community Pages

The Related Websites area within a Community of Practice is an area where the community leader/editor can post websites of interest to the community. In addition, via the Contribute button, community members can suggest additional websites to be added. These suggestions will require the approval of the community leader/editor before they appear on the page.

Related Websites Page Layout

Navigate to Related Websites

​​​Click on Related Websites from the side menu. 

Related Websites Home

​​​Click on Related Websites from the side menu. This will bring up the Related Websites homepage. Here you can see Title, URL, Topic Area, Organization, and Rating columns. Click on the URL and the link will open in a new tab on your browser.
related websites home


Users can rate the related websites (0-5). To rate, you must be signed in.
rating related websites 

Find an Item

You can search for an item/website via the search bar.
search bar related websites
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