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Request a Site

Any DAU staff member may request a new site or an enhancement to an existing site.

The Portal Governance Working Group receives and reviews requests for new sites or site enhancements to evaluate the business need and whether the request can best be fulfilled with a site or an application that IT needs to create.  When escalated by the Working Group, the Portal Governance Council will review site requests, and IT will provision any sites approved by the Governance Working Group.

The Information Architect will recommend the placement of new sites in the portal navigation, but the Portal Governance Working Group will make the final decision. If there is an issue or question, the placement decision will be elevated to the Portal Governance Council.

Some site Content Managers will have the ability to create subsites within their top level site, but most subsite requests will be treated as new site requests and go through the site request process.

To request a new site, email the DAU helpdesk,

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