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Request a Team Site

To request a Team site, complete the New Site Request form on the Collaborate CoP (log in is required). If you have any difficulty signing in to the site or completing the request form, please email [email protected].

All Team site requests are reviewed by the Collaboration Business Owner. As a part of the process, the Collaboration Business Owner will inform the Chief Editor, including the name of the user requesting the space, the Team site name, the intended purpose of the space, and the supporting organization. The basic criteria for requesting a Team site are as follows:

  • The requester must be a DoD government employee.
  • The requester must provide a point of contact and phone number, originating organization, Team site name, Team site purpose, and target audience and membership.
  • The requester must identify how the Team site will directly support DoD "Big A" acquisition. This includes the overall acquisition environment, including requirements generation, budgeting system, and the acquisition process.

When the Team site is approved and created, the individual should be willing to share work products, knowledge, or lessons learned with the related CoPs.  Team sites will be set up for a one year period, and the need must be validated annually.

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