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Subject Matter Expert Responsibilities

Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) are knowledgeable and experienced members of a community who use their knowledge of the discipline to judge what is important, groundbreaking, and useful. Any SMEs may be non-DAU staff, but only the Community Leader or Moderator may designate these members as SMEs.

Each Subject Matter Expert is expected to fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Enriching information through summarizing, combining, contrasting, and integrating information into the existing knowledge base
  • Establishing the community's organizing structure
  • Assisting in identifying and mapping critical knowledge applicable to the community
  • Harvesting and creating new knowledge
  • Working with the Community Leader and Moderator to ensure that knowledge objects are relevant, valid, current, and best sources
  • Working with the Community Leader and Moderator to refresh and expand the knowledge base
  • Suggesting potential topics for face-to-face community meetings and participating in those meetings
  • Monitoring questions and participate in discussions
  • Providing process analysis expertise
  • Participating in the community as a member


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