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Team Site Owner Responsibilities

Each team site has a Team Site Owner. This role serves as both the Business Sponsor and the usually the Content Manager for the site.

All Team Site Owners fulfill the following responsibilities:

  • Defining business goals and the strategic direction for their site(s) within the governance plan's policies and guidelines.
  • Maintaining accountability for content quality on their site(s) or page(s).
  • Ensuring that all content is current, reliable, and accurate.
  • Ensuring that all team site content adheres to the public release guidance for the
  • Communicating to their membership the public release guidance for the
  • Sign a Notice of Consent Form for Team Site owners acknowledging their understanding and acceptance of their responsibilities.
  • Determining which users have permission to read and edit and ensuring that these permissions have been correctly assigned. 
  • Ensuring that content and permissions are reviewed at least annually or more frequently based on site type.
  • Serve as the Content Manager or assign one.
  • Determining whether or not the site is needed based on the "re-certification" timeline for the type of site.
  • Recommending the site for deletion or archive to the Business Owner if it is no longer needed.

Team Site Owners are expected to have a general understanding of the governance policies.

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