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Team Site Overview

DAU hosts team sites for DAU and OSD personnel who are interested in having a collaborative space to share ideas, exchange information and collaborate on a specific project or team initiative (e.g. Integrated Project/Process Teams (IPTs), tiger Teams, studies, and “incubation” of CoPs).
These sites are not open to the public and are on an invitation only membership basis.  The membership is managed by the team site owner.
Although the team site is not open to the public, it must adhere to the same Public Release Guidelines as an open site as the domain is not accredited to house FOUO or CUI content even behind a login.
Team sites can have the same functionality as a Community, such as document libraries, discussion boards, announcement pages, etc.  Please reference the Community training pages for information on how to use or manage a Team site.  The images may look different as the design of the site is customizable by the Team site owner and does not follow a standard template as do the communities of practice, but the functionality of the different areas is the same.

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