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Types of Conent

There are two primary types of content in and the Communities sites: Workforce Contributed and DAU Sponsored. All content on Team collaboration workspaces is private to the members of those teams and will only be visible in search by users who have at least Read permissions to the individual Team workspace.

Within each content type (DAU Sponsored and Workforce Contributed) there are different categories of content that can be uploaded: documents, links to documents, links to websites and job support tools (JSTs).  A job support tool could be of a variety of file types, to include: video, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or PDF.  Job support tools will all be displayed within the Tools pages of, however, when tagged appropriately will display in the search results or curated lists within community pages.

​Worforce Contributed Content​DAU Sponsored Content

​Workforce Contributed Content is content that is submitted to a "Workforce Contributed" library by authenticated users from within Communities or other places on

​DAU Sponsored Content is content that has been submitted to a "DAU Sponsored" library by an authorized contributor and has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate approval team for that content (generally members of the DAU faculty or staff who have specific knowledge about the subject area or type of content). Content approved as DAU Sponsored will have met all requirements for quality assurance, public releasability, copyright compliance, and alignment with OSD(AT&L) competencies.

DAU Sponsored Content is tightly controlled content and must always remain current and aligned with OSD(AT&L) competencies.


​Authenticated users may view Workforce Contributed Content within

Webpages serving Workforce Contributed Content will clearly delineate that the content is provided by acquisition workforce professionals and has not been reviewed by DAU faculty for accuracy.

​DAU Sponsored Content is generally discoverable by non-authenticated users of sites.

​Content Management Overview

​All Workforce Contributed Content will automatically have mandatory review dates assigned (1 year default).

​All DAU Sponsored Content will automatically have mandatory review dates assigned (1 year default).


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