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Community of Practice Profile - Update Your User Profile

DAU manages some of the attributes in your profile (e.g., Name, Email, Role, Organization), and you will need to contact the DAU HelpDesk to update any incorrect information listed. The following attributes are part of the profile that you maintain. Please use the guidelines and best practices in the information below when you maintain your profile information.


About Me

To update your information, you must be logged in. Then click on your name in the top right corner of the page and choose About Me from the drop-down box.

Sign in and choose About Me to update your profile.

Review your profile information to ensure that it is correct, then click “edit” to begin updating your profile.

Click "edit" to update your profile.

Contact the DAU HelpDesk to update your name, title, email address, or phone number. Click on Upload Photo to add or change your profile picture. Add your areas of interest or expertise in the Ask Me About section, separating items with commas. Best to keep this area very short. Click Save all and close.

Add a photo and include your areas of interest or expertise, then click Save all and close.

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About Me

  • Use the "About Me" statement to talk about your current role and responsibilities.
  • Write in the first person (I/me/my/mine).
  • Keep the message brief so that others can consume it quickly. One or two paragraphs is plenty.
  • Because your profile is shared with the entire authenticated acquisition workforce, keep the content professionally focused.
  • For an example of a professional profile, read the profile for Captain Michael Hocker.

Captain Michael Hocker

I joined DAU in November of 2013, and I am currently the Director of Workflow Learning.  Our mission in WLD is to help the workforce succeed by connecting them to highly relevent content and other acquisition professionals.  I believe that Workflow Learning provides DAU Faculty and Staff with a high impact way to extend our reach beyond the classroom.  I welcome innovation, collaboration and diversity of thought.

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  • Choose a picture in which you are the only subject.
  • The picture should only show your head and shoulders.
  • Choose a picture that is appropriate for LinkedIn.
  • Make sure the picture is sized for the web (i.e., around 90 KB maximum).
  • Use a square-shaped picture, if possible.

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