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Senior Service College Fellowship

army Prototype hypersonic hardware

About SSCF

The DAU-SSCF program is a 10-month educational/leadership development opportunity sponsored by the Office of the Army Director, Acquisition Career Management (DACM). DAU-SSCF is conducted under the auspices of the DAU through the Redstone Arsenal; Picatinny Arsenal, NJ; and Virtual Seminars. The purpose of DAU-SSCF is to provide leadership and acquisition training to prepare senior level civilians for leadership roles such as Product and Project Manager, Program Executive Officer, and other key acquisition leadership positions. On 28 March 2013, IAW Army Reg 621-7, the Army approved the DAU-SSCF program as Military Education Level-1 (MEL-1) Senior Service College equivalent. DAU-SSCF is the only civilian Fellowship approved by the Army.

The SSCF curriculum aligns to the three pillars of the SSCF program, which are Leadership, Acquisition, and National Security Strategy.

Desired Outcomes

  • Leadership: Mature Leadership and Critical Thinking Skills; Develop Broad Enterprise-Wide Perspectives; Transition to Strategic Focus; Equip to Challenge Status-Quo
  • Acquisition: Strengthen Relevant Functional Skills; Broaden DoD/Army Enterprise-Wide Industrial Base Knowledge & Unique Challenges; Exposure to Current Innovative Initiatives
  • National Security Strategy: Understand National Security Strategy Formation and Implementation; Examine Military History Lessons Learned; Apply to Acquisition Profession

Potential Applicants

  • Do you aspire to become a senior leader?
  • Have you reached a point in your civil service career where you have senior experience but are not sure how to reach the next level?
  • Are you recognized for your ethics, hard work, accomplishments, and leadership potential?
  • Are you a Defense Acquisition Corps member at the GS–14/15 Level or an equivalent?     

If your answer to each of these questions is YES, you may want to apply for the DAU Senior Service College Fellowship program.     

For more information about the fellowship, please visit the U.S. Army Acquisition Support Center site