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Welcome to SAM,
DAU's virtual Service Acquisition Mall

SAM is intended to help you get your job done by providing usable tools and templates to create your performance-based service acquisition requirements.

Service Acquisition Steps

SAM is based on the DoD 7-step service acquisition process. Click on any of the steps in the illustration to learn more. Within each page you will find suggested actions, step details, and links to relevant content and templates.

AcquisitionTeam Stakeholders Proj. Mgr PCO Tech SB Legal Resource Mgt PEOs Buyers CORs QA Reps Users Mission requirement for service starts the process 1. Form the Team 2. Review Current Strategy 3. Market Research PLAN 4. Requirements Definition 5. Acquisition Strategy DEVELOP 6. Execute Strategy 7. Performance Management EXECUTE Mission Results for1. Warfighter2. Customer3. Taxpayer
Medical Services Research and DevelopmentServices Logistics Management Services Transportation Services Knowledge Based Services (A&AS) Electronics and Communications Services Construction Services Equipment Related Services Facility Related Services

Service Acquisition Mall Wings

Detailed information about each of the services is available in SAM's Service Acquisition Wings. Click on any of the wings to read more about the DoD taxonomy of services.

ARRT Tool Suite

SAM is also home of the Acquisition Requirements Roadmap Tool (ARRT) Suite, a collection of tools that help you build strategic elements of your acquisition documents by walking you through structured processes to help you ask and answer the right questions related to your acquisition.

The ARRT Suite includes a Requirements Definition tool, an Evaluation Factors tool, a Performance Assessment tool, and a Cost Estimation tool. These can be used independently or together to produce your work products.