Performance Work Statement (PWS) / Statement of Objectives (SOO)

Performance Work Statement (PWS)

The PWS clearly describes the performance objectives and standards that are expected of the contractor. Completing the Requirements Roadmap Worksheet provides the best structure for writing the PWS. The introduction and background provide an opportunity to describe the organization’s mission and how this requirement contributes to overall mission success. There is no standard template or outline for a PWS. The Federal Acquisition Regulation only requires that agencies, to the maximum extent practicable:

  • Describe work in terms of required results rather than “how” the work is to be accomplished or the number of hours to be provided
  • Enable assessment of work performance against measurable performance standards
  • Rely on measurable performance standards and financial incentives in a competitive environment to encourage innovation and cost effective methods of performing the work
  • Use the Work Statement Writing Guidelines Summary

Notional format:

  1. Introduction
  2. Background information
  3. Performance Objectives and Standards
  4. Applicable documents
  5. Special Requirements/Constraints (such as security)
  6. Deliverables

Statement of Objectives (SOO)

Statement of Objective (SOO): The SOO is a Government prepared document that provides the basic, high-level objectives of the acquisition. It is provided in the solicitation in lieu of a government written Performance Work Statement. In this approach, the contractors' proposals contain their statements of work and performance metrics and measures (which are based on their proposed solutions). The use of a SOO opens the acquisition up to a wider range of potential solutions.

Watch the video for a discussion of the key elements of a PWS and SOO.