Requirements Roadmap

Requirements Roadmap Worksheet Template (Microsoft Excel)

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The Requirements Roadmap is a key tool to help you start developing a Performance Work Statement (PWS) or Statement of Objectives (SOO). The Roadmap is a disciplined approach linking vision and mission to your Task Statement, Performance Standards, and methods and types of inspection.

Completing the Roadmap will provide the foundation for the following key documents:

  • PWS or SOO
  • Quality Assurance Surveillance Plan (QASP)
  • Technical Evaluation Plan (TEP)

The Requirements Roadmap consists of the following elements:

  • Vision
  • Team Name
  • Project Name
  • Stakeholder Desired Outcome- What are the key outcomes your Senior Stakeholders require?
  • Task Statement- What results are required?
  • Performance Standard- What level of performance is required to meet the Performance Objective?
  • Acceptable Quality Level (AQL)- What is your tolerance for less than 100% performance?
  • Who is Responsible? Provide a name and position.
  • Data Source- Where is the assessment data coming from?
  • Calculation- How will you determine if the AQL and Standard are being achieved?
  • Method of Assessment- Options are Random Sampling, Trend Analysis, Customer Feedback, 100% Inspection, Periodic Inspection, and Third Party Audits
  • Incentive- Would incentivizing this performance element enhance mission results?

Watch the video for a walkthrough of how to create a Requirements Roadmap.