Sample Performance Standards

SAM is a resource for tools, samples, examples, guidance, and training. An integral part of successfully obtaining a service contract is completing the Requirements Roadmap Worksheet. The key objective of the Roadmap is to facilitate developing a Performance Work Statement (PWS) based on clear Task Statements and Performance Standards.

Performance Standards define what level of execution is required to meet a Task Statement. An effective Standard answers the question, "When will I know the Task Statements have been met?" For more information on writing effective Standards, supplementary video provided.

The list of Sample Performance Standards below are searchable by Keyword and filterable by Category and Subcategory.

Filter by category or subcategory:

Category Subcategory Standard
Cost Cost Affordable
Cost Cost Completed within cost
Cost Cost Cost and schedule are realistic
Cost Cost Cost effective
Cost Cost Value added
Quality Accurate Accurate
Quality Accurate Consistent
Quality Accurate Errors will be no more than XX per event
Quality Accurate Identifies and corrects deficiencies
Quality Accurate Identifies corrective actions
Quality Accurate Identifies deficiencies
Quality Accurate Independently verifiable
Quality Accurate No more than (X) validated complaints per (Y)
Quality Accurate No substantive or repeated flaws
Quality Accurate Reports are accurate
Quality Accurate Verify / Validate
Quality Cleanliness Adequately stocked
Quality Cleanliness All items protected from damage
Quality Cleanliness Clear of debris
Quality Cleanliness Containers emptied
Quality Cleanliness Deep cleaned
Quality Cleanliness Deodorized
Quality Cleanliness Free of dirt, dust, spots, streaks, graffiti, bugs, and all foreign residue
Quality Cleanliness Items below raised floors are protected from damage
Quality Cleanliness Minimize interference with daily operations
Quality Cleanliness Moved items returned to their original position
Quality Cleanliness No more than (X) validated complaints per (Y)
Quality Cleanliness Protects the integrity of the surface and finish
Quality Cleanliness Sanitary / sanitized
Quality Cleanliness Sightly
Quality Cleanliness Uniform gloss finish
Quality Complete Addresses all errors and inadequacies
Quality Complete Addresses all program areas
Quality Complete Complete
Quality Complete Comprehensive
Quality Complete Identifies and corrects deficiencies
Quality Complete Identifies corrective actions
Quality Complete Identifies deficiencies
Quality Complete Identify trends and areas of improvement
Quality Complete Is Enterprise wide
Quality Complete No substantive or repeated flaws
Quality Complete Provides Continuous operation
Quality Complete Thorough
Quality Compliant Compliant
Quality Compliant Compliant with applicable standards
Quality Compliant Compliant with federal, state, and local laws and regulations
Quality Compliant In required format (written, oral, presentation, etc.)
Quality Compliant Independently verifiable
Quality Compliant Meets security safeguards
Quality Compliant Meets technical specifications
Quality Compliant No more than (X) validated complaints per (Y)
Quality Compliant Safeguarded from theft and damage
Quality Compliant Security Protected
Quality Effective Beneficial
Quality Effective Can be reconfigured
Quality Effective Chronologically Tracked
Quality Effective Coordinated
Quality Effective Credible
Quality Effective Data is usable for analysis
Quality Effective Demonstrates efficiencies
Quality Effective Demonstrates improvements
Quality Effective Early identification of problems
Quality Effective Effective
Quality Effective Effectively incentivizes work-force
Quality Effective Expandable
Quality Effective Flexible
Quality Effective Identifies and corrects deficiencies
Quality Effective Identifies corrective actions
Quality Effective Identifies deficiencies
Quality Effective Identify trends and areas of improvement
Quality Effective In a friendly and courteous manner
Quality Effective Maintainable
Quality Effective Maintains continuity
Quality Effective Minimizes and avoids injury
Quality Effective Mitigates risk
Quality Effective No more than (X) validated complaints per (Y)
Quality Effective No negative impact to the mission
Quality Effective Operational 24/7
Quality Effective Operationally relevant
Quality Effective Outages are scheduled to minimize impact on operations
Quality Effective Plan clearly and accurately assesses the importance of identified resources
Quality Effective Provides clear guidance and effective shortcuts for users
Quality Effective Responsive to re-tasking
Quality Effective Scalable
Quality Effective Seamless
Quality Effective Simultaneous
Quality Effective Tailored
Quality Implementable Identifies and corrects deficiencies
Quality Implementable Identifies deficiencies
Quality Implementable Implementable
Quality Implementable Maintains continuity
Quality Implementable No negative impact to the mission
Quality Implementable Plan can be implemented with minimum impact to system users
Quality Implementable Recommended solutions and procedures are implementable
Quality Innovative Addresses emerging capabilities
Quality Innovative Demonstrates efficiencies
Quality Innovative Demonstrates improvements
Quality Innovative Early identification of problems
Quality Innovative Identifies corrective actions
Quality Innovative Innovative
Quality Innovative No substantive or repeated flaws
Quality Innovative Provides technology refreshment
Quality Innovative Takes advantage of innovations
Quality Interoperable Ensure compatibility with existing devices/systems
Quality Interoperable Independently verifiable
Quality Interoperable Interoperable
Quality Interoperable No substantive or repeated flaws
Quality Interoperable Provide interoperable systems
Quality Meets Thresholds Maintains XX% operational readiness status
Quality Meets Thresholds No more than (X) validated complaints per (Y)
Quality Meets Thresholds Process XX calls per hour with a surge capacity of YY calls
Quality Meets Thresholds Supports up to XX events per day
Quality Meets Thresholds System available not less than XX%
Quality Meets Thresholds Within XX% of design load
Quality Portability Distributable
Quality Portability Executable on a variety of platforms [Specify]
Quality Portability Full services device phone numbers must be transferable
Quality Portability Portable
Quality Portability Solutions are reusable
Quality Repeatable Identifies and corrects deficiencies
Quality Repeatable Identifies deficiencies
Quality Repeatable Independently verifiable
Quality Repeatable Mistakes are not recurrent
Quality Repeatable Processes shall be repeatable
Quality Repeatable Repeatable
Quality Supportable Auditable
Quality Supportable Credible
Quality Supportable Identifiable
Quality Supportable Identify trends and areas of improvement
Quality Supportable Independently verifiable
Quality Supportable Leverages relevant technologies
Quality Supportable Recommendations made are supportable by quantified analysis
Quality Supportable Relevant
Quality Supportable Scientifically supportable
Quality Supportable Supportable
Quality Supportable Traceable
Quality Supportable Utilizes best scientific practices and commercial data
Timely Meets Schedules Completes actions within specified deadlines
Timely Meets Schedules Deliverables are made in accordance with schedule
Timely Meets Schedules Early identification of problems
Timely Meets Schedules Meets Schedules
Timely Meets Schedules Services meet frequency requirements IAW contract schedule
Timely Real Time As it happens during operations within XX seconds
Timely Real Time Items are tracked in real time
Timely Real Time Real Time
Timely Responsive Addressed within XX hours of notification
Timely Responsive Calls answered within XX rings
Timely Responsive Early identification of problems
Timely Responsive No more than XX minutes on hold
Timely Responsive Problem resolution within XX hours
Timely Responsive Responsive
Timely Responsive Restoration of service within XX hours
Timely Responsive Trouble tickets resolved within XX hours
Timely Responsive Verified within XX days
Timely Responsive XX% of Tier 1 calls resolved without re-direct
Timely Timely Timely