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Logistics Management Services

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Welcome to SAM’s Logistics Management Services Wing. This information relates to services associated with the support of supplies, systems, or equipment. There are two types of services related to this Wing, including:

Logistics Civil Augmentation Program

Logistics Civil Augmentation Program, better known as LOGCAP, is administered by the U.S. Army Sustainment Command, headquartered at Rock Island Arsenal (RIA). LOGCAP IV was awarded in 2008 to KBR, Fluor, and DynCorp. LOGCAP V contracts will be capped at $82 billion spanning 10 years (base term of five years and five option years). Award was tentatively changed from 19 December 2018 to 12 April 2019. It is a special contingency program to maintain a worldwide contract on a multiple-region basis. It enables the Army to contract quickly for combat support and combat service support needed in a contingency.

LOGCAP contractors plan for and, when tasked, provided needed services worldwide. The contractor develops and maintains a database of available equipment, supplies, and services to carry out those plans. The contractor's database must support five broad categories of support: facilities, supplies, services, maintenance, and transportation. Support is tailored to each concept of operations, and the scope of work is provided by the supported commander.

LOGCAP Capabilities:

  • Supply operations
  • Field services
  • Clothing exchange and bath
  • Laundry
  • Clothing repair
  • Food service
  • Mortuary affairs
  • Hazardous materials/waste disposal
  • Billeting
  • Morale, welfare, and recreation
  • Facilities management
  • Personnel support
  • Information management
  • Maintenance
  • Other operations and services
  • Medical services
  • Transportation
  • Signal support services
  • Engineering and construction
  • Power generation and distribution
  • Support of Army personnel and equipment retrograde
  • Standard Army Management Information Systems operations

Logistics Support Services

Logistics Support Services include Logistics Management Services:

  • Logistics Management Service contracts can include the following: Maintenance, overhaul, repair, servicing, rehabilitation, salvage, modernization, or modification of supplies, systems, or equipment
  • Operation of Government-owned equipment, facilities and systems

The DoD intent is to use performance –based support, which includes, where it includes best long term value, using performance based contracts rather than transaction based contracts (i.e., buying Material Availability vice buying spares or support equipment).

Contracting for performance based logistics (PBL) is a multi-step process that can be applied to logistics support services of new, modified or legacy system. The pertinent DoD Product Support Strategy Process Model is detailed in the Product Support Manager’s Toolkit as a best practice. PBL can be applied at a platform, system, sub-system or component-level, according to the needs of the business and operational environment.

PBL contracts are a type of Product Support Arrangement (PSA). PBL PSAs are contracts, task orders or any type of other contractual agreement or non-contractual arrangement within the Federal Government, for the performance of sustainment or logistics support required for major weapon systems, sub-systems or components. Additionally, PBL contracts can utilize either Service or Supply-type contacting, depending on the needs of the Services.

Overall information on PBL, to include information on non-contractual PSAs and Supply-type contracting, can be found on the PBL CoP.