Step 1: Form the Team


1.1 Ensure senior management involvement and support
1.2 Build the team
1.2.1 Appoint core team members (Program Manager (PM) or Functional Services Manager (FSM), Contracting Officer (KO), Contracting Officer's Representative (COR), Legal, Small Business (SB), Financial Manager (FM), etc.)
1.2.2 Empower Team Vision, mission statement, charter, Memorandum of Understanding (MOU), etc. Develop rules of conduct Develop a preliminary project plan/plan of actions and milestones (POAM), and update regularly Document key tasks, action items, and schedule constraints, and update regularly
1.2.3 Align workload to team members Tap multi-disciplinary expertise Define roles and responsibilities
1.2.4 Identify gaps between workload and resources Obtain additional civilian personnel Obtain additional military personnel Obtain contractor support to augment sourcing team (if needed) Estimate cost Obtain approval and funding Identify length of time required for support Develop a solicitation or a task order (on an existing Advisory and Assistance Services (A&AS) contract)
1.3 Identify stakeholders and nurture consensus (users, approvers, senior management, small business rep, etc.)
1.3.1 Identify interests, objectives, and possible objections
1.3.2 Identify additional team members (as required)
1.4 Develop communication plans
1.4.1 Refine communication plan
1.4.2 Coordinate with Major Commands, staff offices, as well as internal team members
1.4.3 Coordinate with Agency HQ
1.5 Develop and maintain the knowledge base over the project life (create project library)
1.6 Plan and schedule topical team training such as Risk, COR, Source Selection, etc. Determine if a Services Acquisition Workshop (SAW) is required or recommended.