Step 2: Review Current Strategy


When starting any project it is important to know where you are before you begin. Reviewing the Current Strategy, Step Two of the Service Acquisition process, captures your current condition and identifies what improvements are needed. This step begins the process of identifying the risks associated with your acquisition and how they will be addressed in your planning. (Finalizing your risk management strategy occurs later in Step Four).

You will need to interview your stakeholders to capture their concerns, priorities, and projected requirements that will impact how you develop your acquisition. Based on your stakeholders’ input you can begin developing high level performance results that should be validated with your stakeholders and key customers to make sure you have captured their mission needs accurately. This prioritization will form the foundation for building your requirements document.

The following are key outcomes of Reviewing the Current Strategy:

  • Understand the cost and performance of your current situation
  • Identify what improvements are needed
  • Interview Stakeholders, documenting their needs, expectations, and projected requirements
  • Conduct a Stakeholder analysis
  • Complete and obtain stakeholder approval of your Team Charter

To assist in your Service Acquisition Training, watch the Step Two overview video above.

Testimonial: Review Current Strategy